Stop Pet Sale Bans

Protect your rights, protect responsible pet ownership

We’re here to educate you on where pet bans are looming and let you know how you can help protect your right to choose where you are able to find your next pet.

Citizens from California to Colorado to New Jersey are losing the right to purchase their pet from a pet store.  Those who really care about the welfare of animals work to raise standards of care, and eliminate pet providers who don’t maintain acceptable standards.

Limiting people’s right to get a pet only hurts animals as well as the pet-owning public. For example, when people are prohibited from finding a

loving pet at their local pet store legitimate pet stores and kennels are put out of business. This opens the door to an underground market where pets are sold with no oversight or regulation.

Visit the sites listed below to learn more about the issue at the local level and how you can help.

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles City Council has directed that a pet ban be considered and an ordinance drafted.

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