Protect your rights & responsible pet ownership

Did you know it may be illegal to buy a pet in Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles City Council is considering a ban on the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores.

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7 Reasons to Choose Puppies from Pet Stores

Pet stores are a humane and responsible place to find your next puppy Pet stores, private breeders, animal shelters and rescues are all responsible options consumers can choose from when looking for a new dog. The source you choose to find your new companion will depend on your individual circumstances. For example, perhaps you have a specific breed in mind, have allergy concerns, or

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Right to Find a Pet in Jeopardy – Act Now!

Your rights, and the welfare of animals, are in jeopardy The Los Angeles City Council is considering a motion to remove citizens’ right to buy a pet at pet stores within the city limits. This will only limit people’s freedom to choose and ignore the welfare of animals if passed. Last year the L.A. City Council adopted a motion—similar to the current motion—by Councilman

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