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Los Angeles Considers Ban on Pets


Soon L.A. consumers may not be able to choose pets from pet stores

Several areas in California—many without pet stores in their jurisdiction—have proposed or adopted bans on the sale of pets. The City of Los Angeles now appears poised to join them.

The L.A. City Council adopted a motion by Councilman Paul Koretz to study a possible ban on the sale of certain pets last year. While the resulting review did not produce specific recommendations, a similar motion has again been made again by Councilman Koretz in 2012. Many are concerned the City Council’s favorable vote on the motion suggests broad support for a pet sale ban among Council Members.

If a pet sale ban is adopted, Los Angeles would become the largest jurisdiction in the country to limit the public’s ability to find pets. 20 localities across the United States have adopted some form of pet prohibition since 2005, nine of which are in the state of California.

Those supporting animal welfare argue banning pet sales by pet stores in the city of Los Angeles hurts animals looking for a loving home as well as the pet-owning public. They worry that a ban will fuel an underground pet trade. Pet stores operate with the highest standards of care and abide by extensive regulatory requirements. However, an unregulated and underground pet trade leaves the door open for the mistreatment of animals and illegal activity.

Angelenos are encouraged to contact their City Council Member and voice their concerns and opposition to banning the sale of pets immediately. The City Council will vote on adopting this ordinance once it is drafted and presented. The public’s ability to influence such a proposal at that time will be very limited.

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