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Right to Find a Pet in Jeopardy – Act Now!


Your rights, and the welfare of animals, are in jeopardy

The Los Angeles City Council is considering a motion to remove citizens’ right to buy a pet at pet stores within the city limits. This will only limit people’s freedom to choose and ignore the welfare of animals if passed.

Last year the L.A. City Council adopted a motion—similar to the current motion—by Councilman Paul Koretz. The resulting review did not produce specific recommendations. This year, however, an overwhelmingly favorable vote by the City Council suggests that an ordinance to impose a ban on pet sales will receive broad support among members of the Council if no action is taken.

The opinion of those who support the ban say it will protect animal welfare and improve standards of care. The fact is, however, banning retail pet sales does nothing to directly address these issues. Instead, it hurts responsible businesses and takes away people’s freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice and retaining the right to explore a variety of options is important when finding the best pet for an individual’s family and lifestyle. Animals from shelters and rescues are excellent options when searching for a pet.

But they shouldn’t be the only option.

Potential allergies, suitability of one’s environment, and compatibility with the animal are important considerations when getting a pet. It’s more difficult for individuals to find the right pet if pet stores are banned from selling animals.

Limiting individual freedoms by banning the sale of pets in pet stores is not the answer to improving animal welfare and standards of care. Those of us who truly care about the welfare of animals work to raise standards of care and eliminate pet providers who don’t maintain acceptable standards.

It’s time to protect the rights and freedoms of responsible pet owners in Los Angeles. You can help today! Go to http://stoppetbans.org/losangeles/how-you-can-help/ and learn the three easy steps you can take to let the Los Angeles City Council know banning pet stores from providing pets is not the answer.

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