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7 Reasons to Choose Puppies from Pet Stores

Pet stores are an excellent place to find a puppy

Pet stores are a humane and responsible place to find your next puppy

Pet stores, private breeders, animal shelters and rescues are all responsible options consumers can choose from when looking for a new dog.

The source you choose to find your new companion will depend on your individual circumstances. For example, perhaps you have a specific breed in mind, have allergy concerns, or live in an area with harsh weather. Having as many responsible options at your fingertips will ensure you find a happy, healthy pup that fits your lifestyle.

Pet stores are an excellent place to find your next furry friend. Here are the top 7 reasons you should consider finding your next puppy from a pet store:

  • Pet stores provide healthy puppies. The preeminent study by Cornell University on the health of puppies from various sources demonstrates that pet store puppies are as healthy as, or healthier than, puppies from any other source.
  • Pet stores provide veterinary care. Pet store puppies receive more frequent veterinary care than dogs from other sources during the first 12 weeks of age.
  • Pet stores and their sources for puppies are regulated at the state and federal level. Pet stores and breeders are more heavily regulated than other sources of pets. They must comply with federal, state or local laws including standards of care, socialization, and exercise requirements to name a few.
  • Pet stores provide consumer protection. An overwhelming majority of pet stores provide warranties on the dogs they sell, often backed up by specific legal requirements. These laws frequently don’t apply to other sources of animals, so pet store customers enjoy greater consumer protection. Pet stores are an accountable, traceable source for pets.
  • Pet stores help people find the best breed for their lifestyle. Pet stores offer a wide choice of breeds that may not be available from shelters or rescues. Do you have allergies and require a specific breed? Does your lifestyle mean you need a small or large dog, or that an active or less-active breed would suit you best?  A pet store may be the best choice for finding the breed of dog you prefer.
  • Pet store visits ensure compatibility. People have the convenience of easily visiting the store as many times as necessary to physically interact with their prospective pet. This helps ensure people find a compatibility puppy and make a responsible choice.
  • Pet stores rely on customer satisfaction. Providing healthy, well-socialized pets is not only the right thing to do, it’s a good business decision. Pet stores rely on repeat business and customer satisfaction. A pet store that offered sick, mistreated, or unhappy pets wouldn’t stay in business very long.

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