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Those who really care about the welfare of animals work to raise standards of care, and eliminate pet providers who don’t maintain acceptable standards. Stop pet bans today!
Citizens may lose the right to buy pets from pet stores in the City of Los Angeles before the end of the summer of 2012 if we don’t act now to stop pet bans.

An overwhelming vote by the Los Angeles City Council has directed that a pet ban be considered and an ordinance drafted. The Council will vote on whether to adopt the ordinance once a draft is complete and a proposal made to the Council.

Act Now, Stop Pet Bans. Click to find out how you can help TODAY! 

It’s important to act now and stop pet bans in Los Angeles. Check out the facts below to find out why pet bans are bad for the citizens and animals of Los Angeles:


  • Reducing the number of abandoned pets requires consumer education, not banning pet sales. People buying a pet must understand the commitment involved, the right pet for their lifestyle, and identify good sources for pets. Los Angeles constituents have a right to explore a variety of options—including shelters, pet stores, and breeders—to find the pet that is right for them. Educating constituents will help them make informed choices.
  • The National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy report noted the Top 10 Reasons for Relinquishment of Dogs and Cats. They found that 70% of the reasons for giving up a dog or cat to a shelter could have been prevented with consumer education. Reasons included the cost of pet maintenance, having no time for the pet, too many animals in household, and inadequate facilities. Educating consumers is the key to reducing unwanted pet populations, not banning the sale of pets from responsible pet stores.
  • Pet stores are not the source of the unwanted pets in shelters. According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, pets in shelters and rescues come from the following sources:
      • Friend:                         30.8%
      • Shelter:                        22.5%
      • Breeder:                       10.6%
      • Stranger:                       10.4%
      • Stray:                             9.3%
      • Offspring:                       6.0%
      • Pet Store:                      3.9%
      • Gift:                               2.9%
      • Veterinarian:                   0.2%
  • Pet store puppies receive more frequent veterinary care than dogs from other sources during the first 12 weeks of age.
  • The preeminent study by Cornell University on the health of puppies from various sources demonstrates that, on average, pet store puppies are as healthy as those from any other source, and often healthier.
  • California law mandates that all pet stores provide warranties on the dogs they sell, giving pet store customers greater consumer protection.
  • Pet stores facilitate the pet ownership experience, relying on repeat customer business and customer satisfaction. Providing a healthy, well-socialized pet is not only the right thing to do, it’s a good business decision. Customer satisfaction is paramount in any successful business.
  • Reputable area pet stores are established businesses in the community. They are accountable, traceable sources for pets. These legitimate businesses are self-sustaining and bring a steady tax revenue stream to Los Angeles.
  • Preventing responsible pet stores in Los Angeles from selling pets will drive residents to other cities or the Internet to purchase pets, hurting local businesses and doing nothing to educate consumers about making informed choices. Putting legitimate pet stores and kennels out of business also opens the door to an underground, unregulated market.
  • Both shelters and pet stores are legitimate sources for obtaining pets. Banning pet sales through stores reduces responsible choices for pet owners. A decision based on misguided opinions creates unfair business practices and eliminates legitimate sources for healthy cats, dogs, and rabbits.
  • Those who truly care about the welfare of animals work to raise standards of care, and eliminate pet providers who don’t maintain acceptable standards. Blanket pet sale bans do not advance the standards of care for pets.

Act Now, Stop Pet Bans. Click to find out how you can help TODAY!